• As students transition from Kindergarten to 1st Grade, they will expand upon their reading knowledge. Students will have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of genres, developing their work as readers. In addition, students will acquire a range of skills and strategies that will help them decode and comprehend the text.

      We begin our school year with our first unit of study, Building Good Reading Habits. Within this unit, students will learn how to build their reading stamina, treat books nicely, have discussions with reading partners and decode/comprehend at their reading level. To help your child develop good reading habits at home, here are a few strategies:

      Readers find an enjoyable reading space, with limited disruptions and distractions. At home, this may be in a cozy spot, such as the couch or tucked into bed.

      Readers treat books carefully. Whether it is your own book or a borrowed book from the library, readers make sure to handle the book with care.

      Readers should read a variety of different books, across many genres. They can use the cover, illustrations, and words to help them decide if they want to read the book. Personal interests and hobbies are a great starting point for finding books. They can also find more books by favorite authors or illustrators, or a series. 

      Readers think about what they read. They should talk about the story, characters, favorite parts, and even wonderings. These discussions should happen before, during and after reading a book.

      Encourage your child to read everywhere! It can be as simple as reading a label on a grocery item, picking out a birthday card, or following signs on a hike. This will help your child develop a love and passion for reading, while understanding its importance in the world around them.