• Questions about My Child’s Curriculum and Instruction:

    It is normal and appropriate to have questions about the curriculum and your child’s experiences at school. Questions about the curriculum or about a child’s experience in class can include topics covered in the curriculum, homework assignments, materials used, assessment and feedback, or a potential misunderstanding between what a child may have heard and what was intended. At Ardsley, we strive to answer these questions in a variety of ways and to resolve your concerns promptly.  

    As per Board Policy 8330, we follow a “progressive process” to review questions and concerns. That process begins with the teacher and can include a building administrator. We have found that the vast majority of issues and misunderstandings can be resolved effectively and quickly at this level.  

    If an issue is not resolved after meeting with the teacher and building administrator,  concerns can be submitted in writing to the building principal or to the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction for a more formal review.