• Use Of Student Data To Inform And Support Instruction

    The use of student data to inform and support instruction goes well beyond standardized test scores in Ardsley.  From the first day of school each year, teachers build their knowledge and understanding of each student to help create the Responsive, Inclusive, and Connected classrooms at the heart of the Ardsley instructional vision.  Assessment and feedback is used to help teachers and students.

    Currently, under development, the district is looking to combine the various data elements into one place to help track a student's growth and development over time.  One important element of this work is the annual collection of benchmark data in literacy and mathematics assessment are given several times per year in grades K-4 and at least once per year in grades 5-9.  Benchmark testing provides teachers with measures of individual growth and administrators with cohort information to help all educators make targeted instructional and curriculum decisions.

    In addition to this targeted work, the leadership team updates the community annually.  Below is the DataBook presentation from last year.

    If you have any questions about your child’s curriculum or instruction, know that you can reach out at any time.