Winter 2024 Class Descriptions

  • Concord Road After School Program 

    Winter 2024 Class Descriptions


    Basketball (Grades 2, 3, 4): Students will practice the fundamentals of dribbling, ball handling, and shooting in a modified setting. They will be able to use these skills in game-like activities.  *24 student limit 


    Budding Chefs (SC2 and SC3): In Budding Chefs, through authentic literature, each child will explore cooking and baking around the world in a fun way with healthy ingredients. Cooking and baking is a fun way to teach children essential functional life skills while discussing the importance of health and nutrition. Each child will create a personalized cookbook with kid-friendly recipes prepared in class. The children in Budding Chefs will not only learn to cook and bake, acquire functional life skills, learn kitchen safety, cleaning/washing dishes, the role of practical mathematics in recipe measurement, and also learn about different countries and cultures around the world. *10 student limit: Mrs. Shelon’s and Mrs. Kelly’s classes only.


    Crafty Kids (Grades K, 1, 2): The students will use their creativity to make crafts for the season and for holidays using different mediums such as wood, paper, foam and recycled items. *12 student limit 


    Crazy 8’s Math Club (Grades K, 1): This is a fun math class that helps kids appreciate the math that’s all around them!  It’s nothing like your usual math club.  As part of the Bedtime Math Program, Crazy 8’s is designed to get kids excited about math!   Every week, Crazy 8-ers build and construct, run and jump, make music, and make a mess…all while building new mathematical understandings! *12 student limit 


    Environmental Club (Grades K, 1, 2 & 3, 4): The Green Panthers Club will focus on fostering students’ respect for our planet and lay the foundation for students’ environmental awareness. Students will learn about recycling, composting, energy conservation, air quality, plant identification and care, how to go green at school and at home, and how to become environmental leaders by example. Students will brainstorm, organize, and lead our school community in service projects and school-wide events to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. The Green Panthers Club will R.O.A.R. for the Environment! *12 student limit 


    Educational Minecraft Adventures (Grades 1, 2 & 3, 4): Minecraft is an internet game on the computer that simulates a 3D world and lets players explore, collect resources, and build anything they can imagine. The Minecraft Education Edition is a special version of Minecraft created by Microsoft for educational purposes.  Students will be playing in an internet environment with the other students in the class.  No outsiders have access to the game. *12 student limit   


    Floor Hockey (Grades 2, 3, 4): Let’s learn the rules, warm ups & skills to play floor hockey. We’ll have lots of fun, learning the fundamental rules,  game positions & safe stick handling. *24 student limit


    French for Kids (Grades K, 1, 2): Learning another language is interesting and fun! Children will practice some basic French words and phrases as well as learn a bit about French culture through books, games and music. *12 student limit 


    French for Kids Part Deux (Grades K, 1, 2): Children will continue to practice some basic French words and phrases as well as learn a bit about French culture through books, games and music.   This is meant as a continuation for students who were part of Intro to French for kids.  *12 student limit 


    Kids Cooking (Grades K, 1, 2): Students will learn to make basic recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in this hands-on cooking class.   *12 student limit 


    Let’s Build! (Grades 2, 3, 4): Do you LOVE to build Lego bricks, cup stacks, foam blocks and so much more? This afterschool program does just that! Students will design their own creations using Lego bricks, cup stacks using our Speed Stacks, and build using our building blocks each club period. The choice will be up to the students as they explore their creativity, engage in competitive cup stacking races, and work with their peers in building their creations. *12 student limit 


    Mario Kart Team Racing (Grades 3-4): "START YOUR ENGINES"... Welcome to MARIO KART in the spring! As the weather heats up, so does the racing! Get behind the wheel and race your classmates on a variety of different tracks. In this class we will be practicing good sportsmanship, teamwork and communication skills. I look forward to seeing you at the starting line! *12 student limit 

    Mindfulness for Kids (Grades K, 1, 2): Mindfulness is a science-based practice that reduces anxiety and stress levels and improves a person’s overall mood.  Studies on the impact of mindfulness practices with children have shown that it helps boost academic performance, increase optimism and calm anxiety. Learning mindfulness early in life will help kids grow up to be healthy adults with a strong grasp on stress management. *12 student limit 


    Rollerblading (Grades 2, 3, 4): Students will have an opportunity to practice their rollerblading skills in a safe environment.  Fun games such as tag, relays, and capture the flag will also be played while rollerblading.  Students should have some experience rollerblading before they come to class! Students must supply their own rollerblades, helmet, knee, wrist, and elbow guards. Equipment should be put in a labeled bag and is stored in the gym.  *24 student limit 

    Sing, Dance, and Shake (Grades K, 1, 2): Come and have some fun as we sing, play, dance, and move to music!   *12 student limit 

    Sports and Games (Grades K, 1): This is a non-competitive program. The class is a combination of games and traditional sports. Students will have an opportunity to use all kinds of equipment including scooters, tricycles, hula hoops, jump ropes, bean bags, and various types of balls.  *24 student limit 


    Zumba (Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4): Students will have fun dancing to Latin-American inspired music as well as other types of modern music all while keeping their heart pumping! *12 student limit