• Device Strategy Plan

    For Grades K-4, each Concord Road classroom will be equipped with a dedicated cart of Chromebooks available for use during the school day, which will remain on the premises. Additionally, shared carts of iPads will be accessible for classroom use when necessary.

    In Grades 5-8, students are required to utilize school-issued devices, and personal devices are not permitted on the school grounds.

    For Grades 9-12, students have the option to bring their own devices. However, the District also offers the provision of a school-issued Chromebook upon request.

    For all students in Grades 5-12:

    1. Device Responsibility: Students must ensure that their devices are charged at home, emphasizing the importance of bringing a fully functional Chromebook or laptop to school.

    2. Optional Accessories: While not obligatory, students may find earbuds/headphones beneficial during the school day. Although not provided by the school, students are welcome to bring their own if they choose.

    Please be aware that if your student is using a school-provided laptop, only Ardsley students can access the system (personal Google account credentials will not be accepted).

    Kindly follow the provided "How to Sign in to your Chromebook " instructions. Please note that additional restrictions based on grade/age are in place. We currently maintain an allowed list for District-approved software and colleges, as well as a walled garden. Students are restricted to sending and receiving emails exclusively from users within the ardsleyschools.org domain. Each student utilizing a school-supplied device is required to sign a Chromebook Usage Agreement, which will be provided.

    Student use of Chromebooks is subject to the rules and regulations outlined in the District’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for technology.

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  • Insurance Coverage for Chromebooks 

    If your student is using a school-issued Chromebook, we would like to encourage you to purchase insurance for the device, regardless of age, as each one is valued at approximately $320. The Ardsley School District has partnered with Worth Ave. Group to offer an affordable insurance program for school-issued student devices for the upcoming school year. Insurance is highly recommended. Worth Ave. Group provides a high level of affordable service that is coordinated throughout the district so that families do not have to be involved in handling claims for damaged devices covered by the insurance. The price for the upcoming school year is $30.00.

    For situations where insurance has not been purchased for a Chromebook that is damaged or lost, families will be held responsible for the cost of replacement or repair of the stolen/damaged device. Students will be given a loaner device for use at school until the problem is resolved. 

    Insurance coverage provided by Worth Avenue Group will protect the Chromebook against:

    • Accidental Damage
    • Cracked Screens
    • Liquid Spills
    • Liquid Submersion
    • Theft/Burglary/Robbery (with a police report)
    • Fire/Flood Damage
    • Vandalism
    • Natural Disasters
    • Power Surge Due To Lightning


    The insurance policy does not cover the following situations:

    • When a student has lost their Chromebook and/or its accessories
    • Damage caused by intentional misuse or abuse, or cosmetic damage.

    Next steps: 

    To purchase or renew coverage from Worth Ave Group please refer to: https://gpo.worthavegroup.com/ardsleyufsd