• Spanish 5/ SUPA SPA 201

    Taught completely in the target language!

    SPA 201/ AKA Spanish 5 or SUPA Spanish, reviews the formal structures of the language, refines previously acquired linguistic skills, and builds awareness of the culture. The course uses film, TV, radio, and literary texts to develop oral, listening, writing and reading skills. By the end, you'll be giving and getting information as well as narrating and supporting your opinions in Spanish!

    Pre-requisite: Spanish 4-4 Honors

    Text Book: Imagina 3rd Edition (Español Sin Barreras 2015) Jóse Blanco, C.Cecilia Tocaimaza-Hatch

    Online Component: Imagina 3rd Edition at VHcentral.com


    SUPA Credit available for this course! ($112 per credit)

    Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) in an educational program that provides high school students with the opportunity to take Syracuse University courses in their own high schools during the regularly scheduled day at a reduced costs per credit. After successful completion of the course(s) they can request to transfer credits they earn into the colleges/universities they attend after high school. SUPA serves more than 200 high schools in the northeast with an approximate 9000 students signed up every year.

    Please be aware that although most students are able to transfer their credits after graduation you should always check that credit will be accepted at your top choice institutions by contacting an admissions counselor before paying for Syracuse credit.

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