• This course is for those students who possess an active interest in discussing what is happening in the world here and now.  We will take our direction from the news of the day and work together to cut through the often confusing news coverage of events.  Our focus will be on learning how to distinguish facts from opinion and analysis from hype.  Using a variety of sources, including traditional media and speakers, students will learn to form an opinion based on careful examination of the issues.  They will also learn how to argue persuasively in a debate format.  The use of periodicals such as The New York Times and the Economist as well as watching CNN and C-Span will further enhance the students’ ability to stay up to date on the issues we are covering.  Issues to be explored will include the death penalty, immigration, drug policy, abortion, health care reform, gun control, gay marriage, the Middle East conflict, the “war on terrorism,” as well as other emerging issues. 



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