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STEM at AHS: Preparing Students for College and Careers

STEM at AHS: Preparing Students for College and Careers

Taking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) classes in high school is crucial for students, as these subjects provide the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and navigating the modern world.

A solid grasp of STEM principles equips students with the ability to:

  • Critically analyze problems
  • Think logically 
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Innovate solutions
  • Adapt to Change
  • College & Career Readiness

Early exposure to STEM subjects fosters curiosity and a passion for discovery, encouraging students to explore complex concepts and develop a robust understanding of how the natural and engineered worlds operate.

Students who engage in STEM classes learn to approach challenges methodically, gather and analyze data, and draw evidence-based conclusions. By cultivating these competencies early, students are better prepared to tackle the demands of higher education and the workforce, where interdisciplinary knowledge and skills are increasingly in demand.

Through hands-on experiments, projects, and collaboration, students can see the direct impact of their studies on real-world issues, from environmental conservation to technological innovation. This practical experience is invaluable in making abstract concepts tangible and engaging, which can increase student motivation and retention of the material.

Types of STEM Programs Offered at Ardsley High School


(Earth Science may begin in 8th Grade) 

Core Curriculum: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Honors: Biology, Chemistry, 

Advanced Placement: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics I

Electives: Astronomy, Meteorology, Human Physiology, Contemporary Issues in Science, Forensic Science, Independent Science Research*, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Ecology, Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing. 

*Science Research Program

A multi-year, hands-on research experience for students in grades 10-12, students work with distinguished faculty and scientists, learn laboratory techniques in cutting-edge facilities, and become active members of research teams at leading research universities and institutions in the region. They present their research in local, regional, national and international competitions and symposiums

Computer Science

Intro to Computer Science, SUPA Introduction to Information Security, AP Computer Science Principals, AP Computer Science A


PLTW - Introduction to Engineering Design, PLTW - Principals of Engineering, PLTW - Computer Integrated Machines

STEM Clubs & STEM Competitive Clubs

Environmental Task Force

Girls Who Code

Math Club

Math Team


Science Bowl

Science Olympiad



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