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AMS Mathletes Achieve High Rankings in Competitions

AMS Mathletes Achieve High Rankings in Competitions

Our Mathletes at Ardsley Middle School competed in various math competitions throughout the school year. Our highest achievers for the 2023/2024 school year are:

Continental League Contest

Grade 5

Hunter Friedman

Griffin Goldstein

Kazunari Manebe

Grade 6

Kosta Doufekias

Hugo Gallo

Daniel Lee

Michael Moopenn-Morris

Akshaj Sharma

Taiki To

Grade 7

Sung Woo Chang

Maia Hadi

Sean O’Donovan

Viraaj Parekh

Grade 8

Aarush Batra (National Student Winner for earning a perfect score)

Piya Karthikeyan

Serine Lee

Naumika Naresh

Taiga To (National Student Winner for earning a perfect score)


American Mathematics Competition (AMC 8)

Yaseen Ahmed (Highest Score at AMS)

New York State Math League Contest

Grade 5 (Unofficial competition)

Alexander Donea

Hunter Friedman

Grade 6 (Team – 1st in the Region, 6th in NYS)

Daniel Lee (1st in the Region, 7th in NYS)

Michael Moopenn-Morris (2nd in the Region, 15th in NYS)

Arjun Sharma (3rd in the Region, 34th in NYS)

Ethan Lin (4th in the Region)

Taiki To (4th in the Region)

Grade 7 (Team – 3rd in the Region, 19th in NYS)

Sean O’Donovan

Eliot Stein

Grade 8 (Team - 1st in the Region, 14th in NYS)

Aarush Batra (2nd in the Region)

Taiga To (3rd in the Region)

Serine Lee (4th in the Region)

Naumika Naresh (4th in the Region


New York State Mathcounts Regional Team

Aarush Batra

Sung Woo Chang

Naumika Naresh

Max Goldberg

Daniel Kraytman

Daniel Lee

Robert Park

Akshaj Sharma

Lenka Simic

Taiga To

Taiki To

Zoey Wang

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