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Strategic Plans

In essence, strategic planning is the process of setting goals, deciding on actions to achieve those goals, and mobilizing the resources needed to take those actions. A strategic plan describes how goals will be achieved through the use of available resources.

While our methodolgies were altered due to the neccessary shift to hybrid/remote learning models in the past year, we did not lose site of our key objectives. Our last formal Strategic Planning process which involved adminsitration, teachers, faculty, parents and students was in 2019.  As we come back to full time in our classrooms, we will begin to review our Strategic Plan and update our individual Action Plans as needed to support our mission in a post-Covid world.

We will update this website as we progress through the process.


Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.

Strategic Plan

In 2019,  we initiated a community-wide effort to identify priorities for our next strategic plan. The Strategic Planning Council was formed in fall 2018 and included over 40 members from our learning community including parents, students, teachers and administrators from each school (CRS, AMS & AHS), as well as Board of Education and community members.  Our objective was to create a clear and measurable plan which supports the district’s mission:

Our Mission: Building on a tradition of academic excellence and success for every student, we cultivate passionate learners and informed global citizens who actively influence their world.

The Strategic Planning Council analyzed qualitative and quantitative data gathered from two distinct surveys.  Survey #1 consisted of four open ended questions  (2 Identifying Strengths & 2 Identifying Enhancements).  This survey highlighted many themes and determined items to further vet in the second survey.  Survey #2 was a longer survey and respondents were given 35 statements and asked to rate how important each statement is to them and to what degree to which they perceive it already exists in Ardsley schools. 

Combined, the data from these two surveys allowed us to craft thoughtful strategic priorities and initiatives that will guide our district for the next three to five years.  We thank the community for its tremendous support in responding to our surveys and the very dedicated Strategic Planning Council members who helped us analyze and action the data. 

Learn more about:

  • Strategic Planning Process and Guide:  The Strategic Planning Guide contains a summary of our work and will act as a guide in our planning for the next three to five years. 
  • Individual Strategic Action Plans: Based on the District Strategic Plan, each school building and the Central Office has created individualized Strategic Action Plans, with measurable action steps. The buttons below will bring you to live-links to each of the four Strategic Action Plans.

Ardsley School District Strategic Planning Guide 2019


Based on the District Strategic Plan, each school building and the Central Office have created individualized Strategic Action Plans, with measurable action steps. We have been executing those plans since the beginning of this school year. In an effort to be transparent, below you can access live-links to our 2019-2020 Strategic Action Plans which detail building specific initiatives and action steps. The community can continue to view these links for live updates in both March and in June which will have status and progress reporting.

CRS 2019-2020 Strategic Action Plan

AMS 2019-2020 Strategic Action Plan

AHS 2019-2020 Strategic Action Plan

Central Office 2019-2020 Strategic Action Plan