• Ardsley Middle School embraces the District Mission. Building on a tradition of academic excellence and success for every student, we cultivate passionate learners and informed global citizens who actively influence their world.

    Guiding Pillars:

    Academic Excellence - Maximizes personal potential and inspires collective achievement, so mastering curricular content is only the starting line and learning is tailored to needs, strengths and interests.

    Success for Every Student - Is measured in a variety of ways.  Our view of success reaches beyond academic performance and encompasses resilience, flexibility, tenacity, curiosity, creativity, empathy, determination and athletic and artistic expression.

    Passionate Learners - Take full advantage of learning opportunities.  They assume responsibility for their own learning, have courage to explore and take the initiative to discover their interests.  They are self-motivated, demonstrate confidence, collaborate freely and share their discoveries.

    Global Citizens - Engage in active inquiry to acquire knowledge that reflects the depth and breadth of the collective human experience.  They influence their world by making positive, proactive choices about what to do with what they know to collaboratively effect change.