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    As counselors at AMS, we play a central role in fostering communication between home, school and community.  We focus on the individual well being of our students as it relates to their social, emotional and academic development.  This includes helping students with decision making, effective communication and self management skills.  We use a proactive approach to support every child as he/she navigates the middle school years.  

    Guidance classes are given to all 5th and 6th grade students every other day, for one quarter of the year.  Topics may include decision-making, friendship issues, conflict resolution, and harassment.

    We encourage you to talk with your children about current events in the news.  We have provided some topics with articles and links below to give you some suggestions.  Conversations such as these are important for children's social and emotional growth, as well as developing strong family values.  

    AUSFD School Counseling-Guidance Plan

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