• Health Office

    The nurse at AMS serves as health counselor for students, parents, and staff as well as liaison with outside health care providers whose treatment of students is relevant to the students' school progress.  The nurse performs all New York State mandated health screenings, dispenses medications to students according to physician orders and provides emergency and routine medical care to students and staff.  In addition, the nurse monitors the certification of medical immunizations and keeps on record completed physical examination forms.

    Parents are encouraged to share with the school nurse any health issues, prescribed medications or emotional issues that may affect their child's performance in school.

    Pauline Reid, RN

    Judy D'Aliso


    District Wellness Committee

    All schools/districts are now mandated to have Wellness Committees. The goal of this committee is to promote healthy lifestyles around increased physical activity and healthier food choices.  Our Wellness Committee has worked collaboratively with our Food Service Provider to create healthy and attractive choices for our students' breakfast, lunch and snack programs.  Your classroom teacher will provide a handout at the beginning of the school year with suggestions for healthy school snacks.