• These procedures were instituted to ensure safety for all students and faculty during drop-offs in the morning and pick-ups in the afternoon and to keep the traffic flow moving well.

    Morning Drop-Off Procedures

    • Cars may only leave children within the drop off zone through the bus circle;
    • Cars should pull up as far as possible (not by the doors to the cafeteria) to allow for more students to be dropped off;
    • Students may not be dropped off in the bus lane;
    • Students may not be dropped off in the faculty parking lot;
    • Drivers should use extreme caution passing other cars;
    • During inclement weather you should allow for extra time due to increased volume.


    Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures:

    • Cars should park in the basketball area.  The chain will be down for you to access the space;
    • Please park facing out towards the parking lot to make your departure easier;
    • If there is no room remaining in the basketball area, parents are asked to line up in the first lane you can enter where faculty and staff park;
    • Please be mindful of students and faculty near the buses;
    • Do not exit until all buses have left the premises.


    We appreciate your cooperation.