• Dr Allan

    Dr. Lauren Allan, Superintendent

    I came to the district 15 years ago as the Assistant Superintendent and have served as the Superintendent for the past seven and a half years. My focus since my arrival has been to strengthen our curriculum and help our students achieve to their highest potential and ability.

    Our success as a district can be credited to a talented and caring staff, enthusiastic students, a dedicated and proactive Board of Education and involved parents. Together with our school community, we engaged in a Strategic Planning process to create a new vision and strategic plan that guides the District's decisions.

    You will have many opportunities to get involved and have your voice heard within the district. I encourage you to participate in district and school wide committees, get involved in the PTA and join us at Board of Education meetings. To keep updated on activities and programs, please make sure you have updated your families contact information in our eBlast system. In addition, the district and individual school websites are updated regularly with new information. We are also increasing our use of social media and welcome you to "like" us on Facebook.

    Our Philosophy:

    We strive to inspire excellence in every student by providing an educational environment that not only challenges minds, but also helps build character.   We believe every child is inherently curious with a desire to learn, explore, create and solve problems. It is our responsibility to appreciate the diverse interests and needs of our student body and to help every student recognize their full potential as learners.

    In order to help our children succeed in a world of rapid change, we believe that our curriculum must continually evolve to incorporate new learning technologies. We must also support our teachers with ongoing professional development programs and encourage them to maximize their talents, passions, skills and knowledge for the benefit of our students.

    Our District vision is built upon four pillars and is guiding not only our decision-making, but also our culture as a learning community.

    District Mission:

    Building on a tradition of academic excellence and success for every student, we cultivate passionate learners and informed global citizens who actively influence their world.

    Guiding Pillars:

    Academic Excellence - Maximizes personal potential and inspires collective achievement, so mastering curricular content is only the starting point and learning is tailored to needs, strengths and interests.

    Success for Every Student - Is measured in a variety of ways.  Our view of success reaches beyond academic performance and encompasses resilience, flexibility, tenacity, curiosity, creativity, empathy, determination and athletic and artistic expression.

    Passionate Learners - Take full advantage of learning opportunities.  They assume responsibility for their own learning, have courage to explore and take the initiative to discover their interests.  They are self-motivated, demonstrate confidence, collaborate freely and share their discoveries.

    Global Citizens - Engage in active inquiry to acquire knowledge that reflects the depth and breadth of the collective human experience.  They influence their world by making positive, proactive choices about what to do with what they know to collaboratively effect change.

    We believe the success of our District involves the collective efforts of a talented and caring staff, a dedicated Board of Education, enthusiastic students and involved parents.  Together, we can guide our students to be successful in life, take civic responsibility, be caring and respectful individuals, and become healthy contributors with a life long desire to learn. 

    Our Schools:

    The Ardsley Union Free School District is a great place for students to gain the foundation needed to grow into tomorrow’s business and cultural leaders. Our extensive and broad curriculum, complemented by many after-school offerings, provides students with the opportunity to pursue their individual interests, natural talents and maximize their learning potential while in the District. The Ardsley School District is made up of three schools:


    • Concord Road School, (http://concord.ardsleyschools.org) offers full-time kindergarten through 4th grade and is accredited as a National School of Excellence.
    • Ardsley Middle School, (http://ms.ardsleyschools.org) a National Blue Ribbon school, serves grades 5-8 with accelerated programs in math, science and world languages as well as a series of enrichment classes.

    • Ardsley High School (http://hs.ardsleyschools.org) houses grades 9-12 with an emphasis on regents level college preparatory subjects and a broad range of offerings to serve the needs of a diverse student body with varying interests and abilities. Ardsley High School was recently listed in the Top 15 of America’s Best High Schools by Newsweek magazine.

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