Overview and Members

  • What we do

    The four major functions of the School Board are being a representative, leader, steward, and advocate.


    • “School board members are elected by the residents of the school district the board oversees.” (School Law, 31st Edition)


    • Together with the Superintendent, the Board sets the district’s direction.
    • Ensures alignment of the district’s policies, strategies, resources, programs and processes along with open communication.


    • The Board acts as a steward of public funds and is accountable for setting vision for the district and for all student achievement.


    • Board members are advocates on behalf of all the children, speak out on issues and mobilize families, businesses, local government, seniors, public and private agencies to work together to address the needs of all the children and the community they serve.
    • The Board provides information services for legislators and actively influences the outcome of state and federal legislation on matters affecting education.  


     Some of the responsibilities of the Board of Education include:

    • Establishing goals and planning the district’s future
    • Hiring and evaluating the Superintendent
    • Reviewing and supporting the instructional program
    • Approving and monitoring the budget
    • Ratifying collective bargaining agreements
    • Overseeing school facilities and operations
    • Establishing and maintaining effective community engagement
    • Hearing appeals related to policies
    • Lobbying and collaborating with district, town, county, state, and federal organizations.


    Where and when we meet…
    The Board of Education meets in various locations throughout the district.  The schedule of meetings, locations and presentations are listed on the website under Board of Education, meetings.

    Community concerns…
    All Board members encourage open communication between members of the community and the Board. Please feel free to email the Board, collectively or individually, at any time with any questions, compliments, comments, or concerns you may have. See above for a listing of names, and contact information.

    Meeting procedures…
    During the meeting the Board of Education allows time for public comment. It should be noted that the first recognition of audience is for individuals wishing to comment regarding items on the evening’s agenda. Later in the meeting the Board offers recognition of the audience for any topic they wish to comment on. Once recognized by the chair each individual should indicate their name, address, and school affiliation if any.  In the interest of time, we ask that each individual keep their comments brief and to the point. The Board has allocated thirty minutes for this aspect of the meeting.  If the comments include a question, individuals recognize that those questions may or may not be answered at this time. Individuals making comments will not be permitted to comment on the job performance of any staff member, nor will they be permitted to mention any staff member by name.

    Questions/Correspondence to the Board:
    Any general questions pertaining to meetings, schedules, agendas, and minutes, can be addressed to:

    Barbara Koppel, District Clerk
    500 Farm Road
    Ardsley, New York 10502

  • Who we are


    Dr. Steve Kastin

    Steve Kastin, President

    Dr. Steve Kastin is currently in his 9th year on the Board of Education and is serving as its President.  (He previously served as President in the 2010-11 school year.)  Steve and his family have lived in Ardsley since 2004.  He has two daughters who graduated from Ardsley High School and are now in college, and a son who is currently an AHS Senior.  

    Prior to being elected to the Board of Education, Steve served for three years on the Concord Road School PPLT, and before that, served on the School Leadership Team at his children’s school in New York City.  

    Steve has been a strong advocate of the district’s focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, as well as enhancing and optimizing the use of technology.  His current Board of Education subcommittee assignments include the Board Development Committee, Community Relations Committee, and Technology Committee along with liaison to the PTA and NYSSBA.

    Steve is a Nuclear Medicine physician by training, who spent almost 25 years working in a number of leadership roles for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and many years as a member of the faculty of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he taught Nuclear Medicine residents. Dr. Kastin is currently the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Healthcare IT Strategist for By Light, a government information technology contractor headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.  

    Matt Bonney

    Matt Bonney, Vice President

    Matt Boney has lived in the Village of Ardsley for 17 years with his wife Stephanie.  They have two children, one at Concord Road School and one at Ardsley Middle School.

    Prior to his election to the Board of Education in May 2015, Matt had been an active participant in our school community and served on three committees for the district: the Citizen Finance Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee and the Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Education.

    Currently, in addition to being the Vice President of the Board of Education, Matt serves on the following Board of Education sub-committees: Audit and Finance Committee, Contracts Committee, and the Ardsley Panther Association Committee.  Matt is also the Board liaison to PPLT and is an AYSO soccer coach in the district.

    Matt was born and raised in Yonkers and graduated from Yonkers High School.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Manhattan College.  He is a Certified Public Accountant and currently he is a Senior Tax Partner with the accounting firm Citrin Cooperman.

    Frank Hariton

    Frank Hariton, Board Trustee

    Frank Hariton has served on the Board since 2002.  He moved to the school district in 1986 from Manhattan and both of his children attended Ardsley schools from K through 12th grade.  His goal on the Board is to ensure that current students receive an education that is even better than the wonderful education received by his children.

    Prior to serving on the Board, Frank was a member of the Middle School PPLT, spent years on the Citizen’s Budget Committee and was class parent for each of his daughters.  In addition to the School Board, Frank has been active in the Westchester Putnam School Board Association, has been on its board for ten years and regularly participates in its legislative advocacy efforts.  Frank has an interest in educational policy and has self-funded both his participation in the Educational Policy Fellows Program at Columbia Teachers College and his attendance at the National School Board Association Convention.  

    This year, Frank serves on the following sub-committees for the Board of Education: Curriculum and Instruction Committee, Policy Committee, and Audit and Finance Committee.  Frank is also the liaison to BOCES, PTA, AEF and School Board Association/Legislative Contact.

    Outside of our schools, Frank was board president of Parents Place, Inc., a non-profit agency in White Plains that ran a program to enhance parenting skills until it was acquired by The Guidance Center of Westchester.  Frank has served on The Guidance Center of Westchester board for six years and is currently its treasurer.  He is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University where he received a BA and a JD and practices law from home with a concentration in securities law and commercial transactions.

    George Holt

    George Holt, Board Trustee

    George Holt has been a resident of Ardsley since 1997.  He and his wife Wendy have been active in the school community for many years, and have two boys who have grown up in the district and now attend Ardsley High School.

    George was elected to the Board of Education in 2011 and has served as both Vice President and President for one year terms.  Prior to joining the Board of Education, he was a member of the Concord Road School PPLT for three years and also coached AYSO soccer teams in the district.

    This year, George serves on the following sub-committees for the Board of Education: Long Range Planning (Facilities) and Housing Development Committee, the Curriculum and Instruction Committee, the Technology Committee and the Board Development Committee.

    Raised in Massachusetts and Connecticut, George earned an SBME from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  For the last fourteen years he has worked in the financial sector focussing on technology.  He currently works for Bridgewater Associates in Westport, CT.

    Nicole Minore

    Nicole Minore, Board Trustee

    Nicole Minore is the most recent addition to the Board of Education, starting her term in 2016.  She and her husband have resided in Ardsley since 2002, and have two children in the district, one at Concord Road School and one at Ardsley Middle School.

    Nicole has been very active in the Ardsley community.  In the Village, Nicole was a member of the Parks & Recreation Commission for a few years, and has been serving as a leading organizer for Ardsley Day since 2010. She was elected to the position of Village Trustee, serving a term from 2011-2013. In our schools, in addition to taking turns as a class parent at Concord Road School and participating in Ardsley Cares Day where she co-led the implementation of the Peaceful Playgrounds initiative at Concord Road in 2015, she most recently served on the Ardsley Middle School PPLT, prior to joining the Board.

    Nicole serves on the following Board of Education sub-committees: Community Relations Committee, Long Range Planning (Facilities) and Housing Development Committee, Policy Committee, Special Education Committee, and is a Board liaison for the AEF, the PPLT, and the SAYF Coalition.

    Nicole was raised in Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairfield University. With a career background at some of the major advertising agencies in NY, she has moved over to the “client side” and is now serving as an independent marketing consultant.