Welcome to the Ardsley School District and the Ardsley community. Included in the registration packet are the forms to be completed by you to register your child for school. When all the registration forms are complete, please call to make an appointment to return them with the required documents to the Administrative Office, located at 500 Farm Road, Ardsley, New York.

    If you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment to return your registration packet, please contact Fran Monteleone at (914) 295-5564 or email fmonteleone@ardsleyschools.org.

    New Student Registration Packet

    Required Documents:

    • Deed or Mortgage Statement or Residential Lease/Rental Agreement
    • Utility or other bills (as soon as available)
    • Birth Certificate or Record of Baptism or Passport
    • Physical Examination Form with Immunization Record (performed within the past 12 months)


    Additional forms if applicable: 

    Registration Affidavit (for Lease/Renters only)

    Landlord Affidavit (for Lease/Renters only)

    Residency Affidavit (if living with a family member or friend)

    Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch Information and Application

    Ardsley Middle School Student Registration Checklist (for Middle School students only)

    New Registrants 2020-21 Registration for the first Ten Weeks
    The Ardsley School District requires your help to plan for the opening of schools. Follow this link to a required form.* The form is broken into two main sections: Guardian Information and Student Information and Preference Registration.

    *The new registrants must complete the form within two days of registration so we can take the necessary steps to get your child started in school as soon as possible. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must fill out the Student Information and Preferences for EACH student in your household. Your choices are your students' and family's commitment for the first marking period (10 weeks) of the 2020/2021 school year. You will have an opportunity to re-register and change preferences in late October for the second 10 week period starting on Monday, November 16, 2020. 
    Please read the registration introduction and each section carefully before answering. At the end of the survey, you must hit the SUBMIT button to finalize your registration. If you have any technical difficulties in completing the registration, please send email to taskforce@ardsleyschools.org