• Duncan Wilson

    Dr. Duncan Wilson

    As Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, I lead a team of 18 curriculum leaders across all three schools supporting both principals and faculty to develop and deliver a curriculum that is engaging, rigorous, aligned to New York State standards, and tailored to meet the needs of individual learners. Our curriculum leaders are all master teachers in their areas of expertise. Together we work with faculty in classrooms and alongside students to help teachers further develop their craft and to ensure that as a K-12 system, we are constantly assessing our work and improving our practice.

    The instructional core of our programs is very strong. Our overall approach supports a developmental progression of student learning, moving students from where they are in their individual abilities towards greater levels of complexity, success and independence.We will continue to follow the philosophy and practice of offering children a breadth of opportunities to read, write, and do research across all subject areas and in all grades. 

    As a district, we highly value professional development and are fortunate to have a talented staff that embraces opportunities to reflect on and to grow their craft. We also highly value collaboration and there are structures in place in all three buildings that enable teachers to work together and share best practices. This is part of a larger cycle of continuous improvement already established, where we systematically examine our work and associated data to measure achievement. 

    As the nation and the district move through the COVID-19 crisis, the Curriculum Leaders and I will  lead the faculty in a process of reflection, recovery, and growth.  We want to successfully incorporate lessons from the past year to further student driven learning in the areas of benchmark assessments, the use technology, as well as student engagement and independence. We will continue to explore more learning opportunities in the four areas outlined in our strategic plan: Social & Emotional Learning, Learning and Achievement, Student / School Life and Learning Environment.

    In the coming months, I will keep the community informed on these and other aspects of our curriculum.  Over time, we will be updating and expanding the information available on this website as we continue to support all students with rigorous curriculum and instruction that encourages them to be life-long problem solvers and productive global citizens.