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    Layne Hudes

    I have served the Ardsley community for the past twelve years, first as the assistant principal and the principal of Concord Road School, and now as the District’s Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. Our District strives to provide a curriculum that delivers a rigorous, rich, engaging, and diverse learning experience for our students. We are proud to have developed an academic sequence across content areas that challenges our children to do their very best, and that cultivates the habits of mind necessary for college and career readiness. The past three years have been a time of significant educational change in New York State. The New York State Learning Standards (2011), commonly referred to as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), builds upon the strengths and the lessons of our current guidelines and those of top-performing nations, so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society. They ensure that children have myriad opportunities to read, to write, and to research across the curriculum. In mathematics, students learn increasingly demanding concepts and procedures. They practice applying mathematical ways of thinking to real world issues and challenges, preparing them to reason mathematically, and to be able to transfer their understandings to novel situations. We continue to look for opportunities to innovate on our practice in all disciplines. We place a great deal of value on professional learning, providing our staff with resources that will allow them to engage in creative goal setting and in self-directed study. We have structures in place in all three buildings that enable teachers to collaborate in these endeavors. This is part of a larger cycle of continuous improvement, where we systemically examine our work and its associated data to measure achievement. The curriculum decisions we make are always focused on what is best for our students. We actively look to ignite their passions and to support them as they follow their dreams. We highly value the time we spend with them, and we understand the awesome responsibility we have in ensuring that they are prepared to face all of life’s challenges.