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    Use of Facilities Request

    Begin by visiting the link below to read and agree to the terms and conditions.  If you agree, please enter your information in all the fields on the Contact/Organization form located at the bottom of the page, save and return by email to jsantiago@ardsleyschools.org.  

    Link to Use of Facilities Terms and Conditions & Contact/Organization Information Form

    Upon review, you will be provided with log-in credentials to School Dude in order to complete your request online. Upon receipt of your credentials, please click here to log-in to School Dude.

    Faculty and Staff Only - Click here for Work Order Requests and Use of Facilities Requests.  Please have your log-in credentials to School Dude available.

    For all other inquires, please contact John Santiago directly at 914-295-5630 or jsantiago@ardsleyschools.org.