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    This year, we have used Election Day not only as an opportunity to teach our students about the election process but to begin equipping them with the skills needed to take informed and thoughtful action.
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    All Concord Road students participated yesterday in an annual school-wide election using an electronic ballot. To prepare for the vote, teachers have been reviewing all the steps in the voting process: determining eligibility to vote, registering to vote, the importance of understanding the issues / candidates on a ballot, where you go to vote, and how to actually vote. In years past, we have voted on ways to make Concord Road better by voting on how to inspire kindness in our school, a theme for a student led assembly, and what to use as a quiet sign. This year we are taking the election to the next level by voting on ways to make the world better.

    How did we decide what to vote on? This year we surveyed over 220 students in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades to understand what they care about. The students expressed their overwhelming passion and concern about the environment and kindness. Today, the votes were counted and the environment won with 62.6% of the votes! 

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    Concord Road students will now kick-off a yearlong effort to take informed action that will culminate in our CRS citizens TAKING ACTION!  In June, to demonstrate civic readiness and to engage our community in what they care about, the students will participate in the first-ever CRS MARCH for the Environment! 

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    The Student Council, which is made up of third and fourth graders who are elected by their peers, will develop the CRS MARCH for the Environment and take a leadership role with the supervision of their advisor, Dan Sheridan. Throughout the year, the student council, classroom teachers, parents, and most importantly the students will work to learn more about ways we can help the environment in their school community, their local community, and in their world community. 

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    Teaching our students about the election process is important at CRS.  It will help our youngest learners understand that voting is just the first step in their role as global citizens.  Civic Readiness is a statewide effort and an important part of our social studies curriculum. We strive to encourage all students to believe in the power of their own voices and actions.  This capstone project of sorts will begin to provide our students with the lifelong skills necessary to engage responsibly in our democracy. Many thanks to Jill Rogovic and Dan Sheridan for creating and overseeing this effort and to the PTA for their support in providing the voting booths and the volunteers who help made today's event run smoothly. 

    I encourage you to talk to your children about the election process, local candidates and community issues.  You may want to take them with you to vote or share the other ways you participate in our democracy. Civic readiness is having the knowledge and skills needed to exercise civic responsibility. Together we can give our children the foundation they need to be informed global citizens who actively influence their world.

    Happy Election Day,

    Jennifer Darling


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