• Building an Inclusive Community of Allies in Our District

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    Events in the news often serve as a profound reminder of the deep-seated racism, discrimination, and violence that still exist in the United States. Sadly, we have even witnessed expressions of hatred within our own community.  We want to reiterate and reinforce our District’s commitment to teaching and practicing inclusion and acceptance throughout our learning community. We have been actively working within our schools to help lead the change we all want to see in our society.

    • We launched the No Place for Hate program in our middle school three years ago, and our elementary school uses a R.O.A.R. program to promote kindness, acceptance, and understanding in our students.
    • The Board has taken a hard look at policies in recent years to update those that address bias in any way.
    • We often promote and collaborate with Ardsley Village’s Multicultural and Diversity Committee on events, which many of our faculty and Board of Education attend.
    • For the last four years, the district has participated in the Diversity Career Fair to seek out talented educators that reflect the demographics of our student body.  
    • We support and embrace student-based clubs in our High School such as Building Bridges, Gay Straight Alliance, Asian Society Club, Students of Color who all promote awareness and support diversity.
    • We are working with the Ardsley Village and have initialized plans for anti-bias training for our employees. 

    In June 2020, we issued messages of support on a district level and on individual school levels.  

    As a learning community, we must continue to work together to drive positive change. While most of us can barely begin to understand the personal toll that racism inflicts, we can increase our resolve to teach and practice inclusivity, equity, access while also celebrating the richness of diversity.

    We have compiled a list of resources that you may find helpful in talking to your students about racism. Please know our school counselors and administrators are available to you should you need additional help in processing recent events.

    Useful Resources:

    New York State Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework

    Embracerace - 10 tips for teaching and talking to kids about race

    31 children's books which support conversations on race, racism, and resistance

    The New York Times Anti-Racism Books for Kids

    Resources for Talking about Race, Racism, and Racialized Violence With Kids

    Anti Defamation League’s website, Table Talk: Family Conversations about Current Events. 

    Teaching about race, racism and police violence: Resources for educators and parents

    Challenge Success: https://www.challengesuccess.org/blog/message-to-our-community-we-do-not-consent/