Summer Reading List

summer reading


Below are summer reading lists for grades k-2 and grades 3-4 to help you and your child select books for summer reading.  Research has shown a high correlation between a student’s academic success and the time devoted to reading.  We suggest you examine the books together to see which ones are appealing.  If you wonder whether a book is appropriate for independent reading, have your child read aloud from a page in the middle of the book. If he or she mispronounces a few words and/or misunderstands, then this book is more suited for the opportunity to read to your child.  There continues to be a strong relationship between being read to (K-4) and success in school.  Our lists contain many high quality illustrated books with interesting themes. Conversations about books help to build a love of reading in addition to strengthening independent reading abilities.   Summer is a wonderful time to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Best wishes for a summer full of sunshine, relaxation and great books.

Summer Reading List K-2

Summer Reading List 3-4