New Main Building Walker Dismissal Pilot

Monday, January 7, 2019

Starting Monday, January 7th, we will implement a two-week pilot to reconfigure main building dismissal locations. This will only impact main building walkers and no dismissal times will change.  Kindergarten and 3rd grade main building walkers will be exiting through the main entrance doors.  1st and 2nd grade main building walkers will be dismissed from the second grade wing, which is to the left of the main entrance as you exit the building, close to the upper parking lot. 4th grade main building walkers will be dismissed from the side doors near the art wing, just past the flagpole to the right when you exit the building.

There will be roped off lanes designated as parent waiting areas for each grade level. Parents will form a line in their designated grade-level waiting area. As students exit the building, they will identify their adults. The adult should then leave the line to greet their child. If parents are picking up main building walker children from multiple grade levels, they should pick up their youngest child first and then proceed to the line up area for their next oldest student. The exit locations will be in close proximity, which should result in an efficient and timely transition.


Towards the conclusion of the two-week pilot, we will seek input from the community in order to determine whether or not we will continue this reconfigured main building walkers dismissal plan.  Our hope is to enhance safety and a sense of comfort for both children and parents, and to ensure a calm, less chaotic pickup process at the front of the building. Thank you in advance for your partnership and willingness to give this Phase 2 pilot a try with us!

*Please note that no changes to primary walker dismissal will be made at this time.